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Yamaha YZ450F S Blue 1:12 Scale

Yamaha YZ450F S Blue 1:12 Scale

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Yamaha YZ450F S

For many years, the motocross world almost exclusively used two-stroke engines. AMA racing classes had three classes: 125 cc, 250 cc, and 500 cc with no provision for four strokes. Later on in 1993, The AMA rules had changed where the gigantic 500cc liquid-cooled engines were no longer able to race. Most riders considered four-stroke engine technology to be largely utilitarian and uncompetitive, relegated solely for trail riding.[4]

In 1996, the AMA changed racing rules to allow 450 cc four strokes to compete in the same racing class as 250 cc two-strokes.[5] Yamaha engineer Yoshiharu Nakayama first came up with the idea of creating the first competitive four-stroke race motocross bike.[6] The Yamaha YZ400F was developed to fit into this category. It solved the power dilemma by borrowing superbike technology and giving the YZ a five-valve head, liquid cooling and a 12.5-1 compression ratio.


1:12 Scale is larger than 1:18 please check the images to see the size comparison. The 1:12 Model is the larger one to the rear


  • Free-rolling wheels
  • Sprung Rear Suspension
  • Pivoting fork yokes
  • Soft-feel tyres
  • Functioning side/kickstand


  • Outer gloss board cut-out window box
  • Model easily removable from packaging (no tools required)
  • Suitable for over 14 yrs
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