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Yamaha 2001 Road Star Silverado - Red 1:18 Scale

Yamaha 2001 Road Star Silverado - Red 1:18 Scale

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Yamaha 2001 Road Star Silverado

The Yamaha Wild Star was produced from 1999 through model year 2014 when the Roadstar model line was discontinued. The 1999-2003 models were the same 1602 cc naturally aspirated engines. In 2004 they changed the displacement to 1,670 cc. There were also a few design changes in 2004, including new tubeless aluminium wheels, a skinnier drive belt, and different engine casing color. The Road Star has a sleeker, sportier brother called the Yamaha Road Star Warrior that has a fuel-injected 1,700 cc engine and an all-aluminium chassis. The Road Star remained unchanged until 2008 when electronic fuel injection was introduced to the bike. There were variations of the Road Star with different trim and equipment packages. The Road Star was available with a Silverado trim package which included studded saddle bags, a back rest, studded driver and passenger seats, and a cruiser-style windscreen. The Silverado package changed names to the Midnight package with blacked out engine etc. For a few years, the Road Star was also available in an "S" package, which meant more chrome pieces for the buyer.

eration of R1 and R1M. They have a better Quick Shift System, an updated Lift (wheelie) Control System and fulfill Euro 4 requirements. The R1M got a new Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension


  • Free-rolling wheels
  • Pivoting fork yokes
  • Sprung Rear Suspension
  • Soft-feel tyres
  • Functioning side/kickstand
  • Size approximately 12cm x 6cm
  • Metal with Plastic Parts


  • Outer gloss board cut-out window box
  • Model easily removable from packaging
  • Suitable for over 14 yrs
  • Manufactured by Maisto
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