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VW Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk 1 (1979) 1:24 Scale Car

VW Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk 1 (1979) 1:24 Scale Car

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The Golf GTI was first designed in 1976 and by 1979 (The model you see here) it was fast becoming much more than its initial 5000 unit production limit expectation. Hot hatches had exploded into the young family and boy racer scene. Soon to be head to head in the market against cars such as Fords Escort XR series. 

Similar in some respects to the Ford which had developed on the back of their earlier Escort Mexico and RS models as well as the normally aspirated XR3, VW like Ford moved away from twin choke or twin carburettas favoring the more efficient fuel injection systems.

The 1.6ltr Golf GTI became the benchmark. Slightly more expensive than the XR3i it seemed to have the edge. Every keen boy racer of the time wanted one or the other and if they couldn't afford one then the only option was to dress a lesser model in the range up to look as close as possible.

Performance was similar for both cars with the Golf maybe edging it. 110bhp would give a claimed top speed of around 114 MPH with 0-60 in the eight point somethings. Of course the boy racers stop watches would often be more generous and claims of less times were often heard.

There was something simple and clean with the Giugiaro design. A complete opposite to the curves of the VW Beetle not only in design but also in the front engine front wheel drive layout. Gone was the rear engine air cooled set up.

Who won in the end GTI vs XR3i ?  The truth is they both won, you could not buy a car magazine in the early 1980's that wasn't pitching one against the other. It was a new era. The era of the hot hatch and it was here to stay.


Brand: Bburango
Features: Opening Doors

Diecast Metal with Plastic Parts
Scale: 1:24
Age Recommendation: 3 years and up

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