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VW Volkswagen Camper Van Samba 1:25 Scale

VW Volkswagen Camper Van Samba 1:25 Scale

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The Volkswagen Samba was first produced in 1951, a development of the Dutch Volkswagen importer, Ben Pon’s Type 1 Volkswagen van. They were renowned for being the first ‘forward control’ vans in which the driver sat above the front wheels, setting a precedent for future Volkswagens to come.

As the campervans developed, Volkswagen’s Samba became the most luxurious version of the T1, designed predominantly for touring the Alps.

The Volkswagen Samba design evolved from the T1 split-screen campervans, known as ‘Splitties’ or Microbuses. They were informally classified by the number of windows the Samba had, often with up to 21 or 23 windows.

The luxurious campervan had two pivot doors, in place of a sliding door, and a fabric sunroof. Samba vans also came as standard in two colours, most often the upper part was white and the two sections were divided by a decorative strip.


Brand: Maisto
Features: Opening Door & Boot
Scale: 1:25
Age Recommendation: 3 years and up

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