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Vespa Sport 6 GIORNI - 1952 Racer 1:18 Scale Scooter

Vespa Sport 6 GIORNI - 1952 Racer 1:18 Scale Scooter

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Vespa Sport 6 GIORNI – 1952

After world war 2, regularity races were revived, a discipline that required fast but above all resistant machines and riders: a specialty comparable to today's enduro, with motorcycles that were also ridden on rough and uneven terrain. The riders, by regulation, had to arrive punctually at the pre-established checkpoints, respecting the hourly average imposed. Any deviation greater than that allowed resulted in a penalty and the exclusion of the driver from the winners list. They were hundreds of kilometers long races, often faced on grueling routes and in any weather condition. A true testing ground for the motorcycle manufacturers who could, with a good placement, demonstrate the reliability of their product. Piaggio made its debut in the regularity field on 8 May 1948 at the "Milan-San Remo", successfully fielding five of the first competitions. 

The commitment grew even more the following year thanks to the establishment of the "National Regularity Trophy" promoted by the IMF. Piaggio, following the results achieved in the three races established for that year, ranked first in the Scooter class and in the 125 cc more generally. The following year (1950) was marred by the death of the rider Gastone Castellini during the "Scudo del Sud" race: the misfortune led Enrico Piaggio to withdraw his teams as a sign of mourning.  

With the beginning of 1951 the men of the Experimental Department, concentrated on the new Sports destined for regularity, gave birth to new machines equipped not only with a strengthened frame, but with a more powerful engine. In fact, the double-port and crossed-light engine was introduced which, although less powerful than that used in the Super Sports (7 HP against 11), proved to be more reactive at low revs and therefore more suitable for rough terrain. The gearbox remained three-speed but with a shorter first gear, suitable for overcoming even the most arduous climbs. Every detail was strengthened so that it did not become a weak point in the race.  

The friction surface in the brakes was doubled and the wheels, due to the oversizing of the drums, took on a new design; reinforced ply tires were adopted, produced by Pirelli specifically for Piaggio; the platform, as in the previous competitions, was raised perimetrically to avoid possible contact with rough ground (for the same reason the section of the muffler manifold was also modified, which by becoming elliptical would have allowed an increase in ground clearance); the body was strengthened in the part surrounding the attachment of the engine cross member by welding reinforcing gussets; fork tube thickness was doubled; a useful roadmap holder was applied above the spare wheel; the oversized tank, similar to that already used in the previous models, reached double the capacity of the production model, allowing a theoretical range of around 220 km.  

The headset was modified and set back, assuming a periscope shape, to avoid breaking the lighting assembly in case of falls. All of these modifications, the result of experience and road tests aimed at developing perfect machines, allowed Piaggio to excel over noble competitors - winning the coveted National Trophy - and to proudly arrive at the XXVI International Six Days, which represented the peak of their sporting achievements: Another prestigious acknowledgment was given as an Industry prize to the company which, with this affirmation, rose to the international Olympus of motorcycle sport. Following this triumph, Enrico Piaggio decided to definitively retire from competition, while allowing trusted riders to compete also in the following season under the "flag" of the Vespa Club Italia.

Model Details

A Stunningly accurate 1:18 Scale model.

Model is approximately 10cm x 5.5cm

Fixed to a display stand that can be detached by removing a screw.

Metal & Plastic construction.

Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Piaggio & C S.p.A licenced official model by Centauria S.r.l

Packaging may have warehouse storage, handling and delivery wear.

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