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Vespa MONTHLERY 1950 1:18 Racer Scale Scooter

Vespa MONTHLERY 1950 1:18 Racer Scale Scooter

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Vespa MONTHLERY 1950

In 1950, Vespa decided to build a machine specifically to beat the 13 speed records that Lambretta had set in 1949 on the Roma-Ostia highway.

The Vespa Montlhéry (named after the racing track in Montlhéry, France) was created specifically to challenge their rivals. The faired bike – designed by Vittorio Casini, and ridden by Mazzoncini, Spadoni and Castiglioni. The three riders took turns as the Vespa spent 10 consecutive hours acquiring 17 world records: over 1 hour (average speed 134 km/h); over 100 miles (average 129.7 km/h), 500 miles (average 123.9 km/h), 1,000 km (average 124.3 km/h), and over 10 hours during which the Vespa covered 1,049 km - recording average speeds in some classes of 136 KM per hour (85 mph) !

Model Details

A Stunningly accurate 1:18 Scale model.

Model is approximately 10cm x 5.5cm

Fixed to a display stand that can be detached by removing a screw.

Metal & Plastic construction.

Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Piaggio & C S.p.A licenced official model by Centauria S.r.l

Packaging may have warehouse storage, handling and delivery wear.

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