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Vespa 50 ELESTART 1969 1:18 Scale Scooter

Vespa 50 ELESTART 1969 1:18 Scale Scooter

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Vespa 50 ELESTART 1969

The Vespa 50 Elestart Series I was launched with an electric start and was targeted at women. The batteries were housed in the left side of the engine and the spare tyre, if required, was placed behind the leg shield. The gearbox was the three-speed unit. It featured the great novelty of electric ignition, but the design was also completely revised and embellished compared to the 50 Special. For much of the time there was an electric start option. The “Elestart” variant had a modified chassis with an access hatch on the left that housed two 6v batteries to drive the Bosch starter motor. In all other respects, though, the Elestart was the same as the normal 50 Special – even down to being made in the same colours. Developments of the two versions were concurrent, so the V5A3 is the original Elestart from 1969 with nine-inch wheels; the V5B2 from ’72 has ten-inch wheels, and the V5B4 from 1975 has the four-speed gearbox. In fact, very few Elestarts were actually sold despite being available until the late seventies.


Model Details

A Stunningly accurate 1:18 Scale model.

Model is approximately 10cm x 5.5cm

Fixed to a display stand that can be detached by removing a screw.

Metal & Plastic construction.

Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Piaggio & C S.p.A licenced official model by Centauria S.r.l

Packaging may have warehouse storage, handling and delivery wear.

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