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Renault 4L Parisienne - 1966 1:24 Scale in Display Case

Renault 4L Parisienne - 1966 1:24 Scale in Display Case

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Renault 4L Parisienne – 1966

The Renault 4 was a basic car with a simple dashboard and sliding windows. Suspension and seats were designed for comfort, and ventilation and the heater were effective.


The Renault 4 was not significantly changed during its production. Exterior chrome trim was eventually phased out on all models, and aluminium grilles were replaced with plastic. There were three different dashboard designs. On the right side of the car at the back the position of the fuel filler was raised by approximately 15 cm (6 in) less than a year after the car's launch; other than that, changes to the body panels were limited to a slightly altered hood and hinges.


Renault developed new small cars, the Renault 6 and the Renault 5, while the Renault 4 was still selling well. The Renault 5 competed in a somewhat different sector (three-and five-door supermini). The Renault 4 is intermediate between the small utility vehicle (2CV) and the supermini design (R5, Peugeot 205)

Scale: 1:24

Actual Size :  approx 16cm long
Age Recommendation: 14 years and up
Construction: Diecast Metal with plastic parts
Display: Plinth with triangle head screws holding model(S2 bit required) Hard Plastic Display Case (Transparent)

Please Note: This model is supplied in a blister carton. The carton was cut open to remove the model for photography. It has been replaced in the blister pack and resealed with transparent tape.

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