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Citroen Charleston 2CV 1982 - Yellow/Black 1:24 Scale

Citroen Charleston 2CV 1982 - Yellow/Black 1:24 Scale

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Both the design and the history of the 2CV mirror the Volkswagen Beetle in significant ways. Conceived in the 1930s, to make motorcars affordable to regular people for the first time in their countries, both went into large scale production in the late 1940s, featuring air-cooled boxer engines at the same end as their driven axle, omitting a length-wise drive shaft, riding on exactly the same 2,400 mm (94.5 in) wheelbase, and using a platform chassis to facilitate the production of derivative models. Just like the Beetle, the 2CV became not only a million seller, but also one of the few cars in history to continue a single generation in production for over four decades. The Charleston was made in 1982 as sales in France were declining for the model. It took on a cult status in the UK and helped extend the life of this iconic vehicle.

Brand: Welly
Scale: 1:24
Age Recommendation: 14 years and up

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