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Buick Skylark 1953 cabriolet - Red 1:24 Scale Car

Buick Skylark 1953 cabriolet - Red 1:24 Scale Car

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Buick Skylark 1953 cabriolet

The 1953 Skylark was handmade in many respects. Only stampings for the hood, trunk lid, and a portion of the convertible tub were shared with the Roadmaster and Super convertibles. All Skylark tubs were finished with various amounts of lead filler. The inner doors were made by cutting the 2-door Roadmaster's in two then welding the pieces back together at an angle to produce the rakish door dip. An overall more streamlined look was reinforced by cutting the windshield almost 3 inches (7.6 cm) shorter and lowering the side windows and convertible top frame proportionately. Seat frames and steering column were then dropped to provide proper headroom and driving position. Front legroom was 44.7 inches (114 cm). Authentic wire wheels were produced by Kelsey-Hayes, chromed everywhere except the plated and painted "Skylark" centre emblem.

Brand: Welly
Features : Opening doors
Scale: 1:24
Age Recommendation: 8 years and up

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