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Vespa 50 Special 1969 1:18 Scale Scooter READ DESCRIPTION

Vespa 50 Special 1969 1:18 Scale Scooter READ DESCRIPTION

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Please note. This model has changed very slightly since the images were done. It now has a slightly different shape seat (Sloped back) and the horn casing is now the same colour as the legshields. Otherwise it is the same as you see.


Vespa 50 Special del 1969

Sold since 1969 till 1982, Vespa 50 was focused mainly on the youth market, this updated model changes were steering, front and rear fog lights. Vespa 50 Special as in 1969 successfully sold, the design is almost not changed but the technical component has undergone changes in the form of an electric starter and that was the most special feature of this model. From 1969 to 1973 the company focused on the sale of just such kinds of models.

As the sixties progressed, and the average age of a new scooter owner went down and down, so it became imperative to milk the 50cc market for all it was worth. Vespa and Lambretta were still competitors. Sales of larger scooters were dropping all the time. It was clear that whoever had the better small-frame range would be the survivor.

The standard Vespa 50- complete with nine-inch wheels - had been a huge sales success. But there was clearly room for something slightly up market to snare the fashion conscious sixteen year old. So, as 1969 dawned, enter the 50 Special. Ten-inch wheels, a flashy horn casting and headset, separate finned hubs just like the bigger models, and a wide range of colours. Did they go for it? Of course they did! By the time production finished in 1982 more than three quarters of a million had passed through Pontadera’s production lines. And this was in addition to the regular 50cc model that continued in production.


Model Details

A Stunningly accurate 1:18 Scale model.

Model is approximately 10cm x 5.5cm

Fixed to a display stand that can be detached by removing a screw.

Metal & Plastic construction.

Not suitable for children under 14 years.

Piaggio & C S.p.A licenced official model by Centauria S.r.l

Packaging may have warehouse storage, handling and delivery wear.

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